SargassumSargassum is the brown seaweed that floats in the offshore. In the Southern United States, Sargassum is called Gulfweed. The Sargassum seaweed is commonly used in the animal feed industry. This species of algae can grow to several meters. In the warm water, the sargassum seaweed can grow to 12 meter long. It commonly has dark dark green or brown color. It is the species of algae that commonly grow in tropical areas. Indonesia is a tropical country which is blessed with so many sources of Sargassum.

Sargassum is the largest brown seaweed with appearance like plant. There are narrow, small, and big leaves Sargassum. The characteristic of sargassumis the long branched fronds that make it look leafy and it has so many bladders that are filled with air. The bladders help sargassum to float in the sea. As it get closer to the sea shore, the sargassum usually attached with many kinds of animals. It is because the seaweed provides shelter to the animals. The color of sargassum seaweed is usually dark brown or green. It has many branch fronds and has slightly sticky texture.

The Uses of Sargassum Seaweed
Sargassum can also be used as herbal remedy. In China, many herbalists use powdered Sargassum for tea. They said that the tea can remove excess phlegm. Sargassum seaweed can also be used as fertilizer, animal feed and insect repellent. In the tropical areas, sargassum is used for the material of alginates. It is also used for plant biostimulant (liquid food for plant) and animal feed.

Product Description

Name: Sargassum Seaweed
Moisture: 17%
Impurity: 3%
Place of origin: Indonesia
Capacity: 300MT/ Month
Packing: 50 Kg/ bags pressed, or unpressed
Certificate: Phytosanytary
Payment: T/ T or L/ C
Sample: No Charge
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