MilkfishMilkfish or Chanos Chanos is the only living member of Chanidae from the order of Gonorhychiformes. Milkfish is raised in the freshwater of tropical ponds. It can be found along the Pacific and Indian oceans regions. The alternative names of Milkfish are Bandeng, Bangos, Bandang, Buruna, Bukkariba, Chano Chano, Chanos Chanos, Salmon Herring, Giant Herring, and Moreton Bay Salmon.

This fish is a kind of fish with silvery body color. It has small mouth with no teeth. The farming of Milkfish in Indonesia has started about 4 to 6 centuries ago. The farming of Milkfish is very important because it is considered as a very potential export commodity of Indonesia. Therefore, we can supply your company with good amount of Milkfish every month.

Milkfish is the fish that can be processed in traditional and modern ways. Traditional ways include smoking and drying. Modern ways of processing Milkfish includes, canning, bottling, and freezing. In Hawaii, people use Milkfish to make fishcakes because it has very soft and white flesh. There are many companies that use Milkfish to produce fish sausages and other kind of foods that use milkfish.

Nowadays, more and more people are using Milkfish for Tuna Bait. This has increased the value of milkfish. PT. Marinal Indoprima can offer Milkfish for Human Consumption and for Tuna Bait. We pack the frozen fishes using carton.