Our Products

We offer fresher, more evenly, more hygienic and foreign matter-free products.
Kami menawarkan produk-produk yang lebih fresh, lebih rata, lebih bersih dan bebas benda asing.

Fish Products

  • Chirimen

    Chirimen (ちりめん) or Shirasu boshi (しらす干し) or Myeolchi (멸치) dried small (baby) anchovy fish ...

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  • Milkfish

    Milkfish or Chanos Chanos is the only living member of Chanidae from the order of Gonorhychiformes. Milkfish is raised in ...

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Seaweed Products

  • Euchema Cottonii

    Eucheuma Cottonii or E. Cottonii is re-classified as Kappaphycus Cottonii by Maxwell Doty. The Euchuema Cottonii seawe ...

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  • Gracilaria

    Gracilaria is widely used as the source of food for human and shellfish. Gracilaria is also popular as the raw material ...

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  • Sargassum

    Sargassum is the brown seaweed that floats in the offshore. In the Southern United States, Sargassum is called Gulfweed ...

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