Euchema Cottonii

Euchema CottoniiEucheuma Cottonii or E. Cottonii is re-classified as Kappaphycus Cottonii by Maxwell Doty. The Euchuema Cottonii seaweed is dried and baled before it is sent to the manufacturer of carrageenan. The other option is to process it into ATC chips and then sent to the manufacturer of carrageenan.

Eucheuma Cottonii seaweed has several characteristics. It has green, brown, to red color with thallus that are filled with nodulus. This Eucheuma Cottoniiseaweed needs sun light to do photosynthesis. Therefore, it can only survive in shallow water. Cottonii grows attached in the coral stone or other hard surface. Usually, it is seen in a colony.

Euchema is usually exported in four forms. It can be exported as dried seaweed, alkali treated chips (ATC), semi-processed powder, and it can also be exported as carrageenan. Eucheuma Cottonii can make good kappa carrageenan. The carrageenan is widely used for food application. Cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries also use carrageenan in their products. The carrageenan that is made from Eucheuma Cottonii is very popular because it is a good gelling agent and it can act as stabilizing agent. It is also very effective even if it is in low concentration.

Eucheuma Cottonii seaweed can be harvested when it reaches the age of 1.5 month or more. It can be harvested when it reaches ± 600 g. There are many things that should be concerned to let the E. Cottonii seaweed grows. In this article, we will only state few of them. First of all, the location should be safe from strong waves. It is commonly cultivated in the location where there are many coral stones. It should also be free from pollution. The temperature must be around 27-28 degrees Celsius. It should have good salinity (30-37 ppt).